“I am neither the body, nor the vital force, nor the senses. Nor am i the mind, the intellect, the memory, or the ego.”

Shibani often know as 'Sailor' has been deeply passionate about sailing and has over 25 years of yachting experience as a skipper of the Enterprise class of boats, 420 class as well as the boat specific to the Indian harbor called Seabirds and Lightenings.

She has participated in several national and international level championships in India and has also lived and sailed in San Francisco as crew on a Bear boat, Salar 40, Ranger 45 and other boats in similar classes.

Amongst her several yachting achievements some of them are:

  • Only elected women representative on the Yachting Association of India National Council, 2004-2008
  • First Indian Women to receive certificate of National Yachting Judge, 2000-2008
  • Best Female Helmsman, Enterprise National Sailing Championships, Mumbai India, 2005
  • 1997-2000 Coach for the Royal Bombay Yacht Club Under 15 Optimist Training Program
  • Best Female Helmsman,Year 1997, National Inland Water Championships, Khadakvasla, India
  • Qualified Helmsman Certification, Royal Bombay Yacht Club, 1994
  • Represented India as Team Coach of the Indian Under 15 Yachting Team for the:
    • World Optimist Sailing Championships, La Coruna Spain-Year 2000
    • UK Optimist Sailing Nationals, UK-Year 2000
    • Asian Optimist Sailing Championship, Singapore-Year 2000
    • Asian Championships, Dubai-Year 2001